Learning to Unlearn for Executive Leaders

Do you feel stuck? As leaders we all get the fact that we need to continually learn, but our bigger challenge is letting go of the past (#unlearning), especially if these are things that have helped us to be successful. This program will help you free up space and get rid of unwanted baggage.
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About This Product:

 “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”.  Alvin Toffler
Today we are facing unprecedented levels of change & disruption, with constant challenges to adapt & evolve. Yet, the complexity & demands of the current working environment are already in many cases at breaking point. The levels of burnout and stress for executive leaders is increasing exponentially and wellbeing & mental health challenges are now the norm. 
How on earth are we expected to cope with this current scenario, and the ever-increasing rate of change? How can we make sense of this? What’s really going on? Why have things become so difficult & challenging? Do we think what has got us here, will get us to where we need to go in the future? What could be the biggest thing holding us back? Is it our ability to let go of the past? To unlearn!
Good leaders know they need to continuously learn. But great leaders recognise when to ‘Unlearn’ the past to succeed in the future. Unfortunately, our knowledge & skills can become outdated if our reality changes. To ensure we stay current & relevant we need to be ready & willing to let go of the past (to unlearn) and then relearn new things whenever it’s needed. 
To help us do this, we need a simple repeatable and actionable system. In his bestselling book Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results Barry O’Reilly introduces us to a simple but very powerful 3 step ‘Cycle of Unlearning’.   
We'd love you to join Stephen Dowling for this Barry O' Reilly endorsed Learning to Unlearn for Leaders Program to help you develop & master this 'Learning to Unlearn' foundational skill. Something which we believe is now essential to ensure we each continue to thrive in this exciting fast changing world. Can you afford not to?

Unlearn Program Overview

1. Getting Inspired (& getting started)
2. Virtual Session 1 (Live) - 2 Hrs                      Friday 9th Dec (10am-12pm AEST)
3. Unlearn Online Content (Part 1)
4. Support Call 1 (Live) - Optional - 1 Hr         Wed  14th Dec  (9am-10am AEST)
5. Virtual Session 2 (Live) - 2 Hrs                     Friday 16th Dec (10am-12pm AEST)
6. Unlearn Online Content (Part 2)
7. Support Call 2 (Live) - Optional - 1 Hr         Wed 21st Dec (9am-10am AEST)
8. Virtual Session 3 (Live) - 2 Hrs                     
Friday 23rd Dec (10am-12pm AEST)
Individual Coaching Support: In addition (up to 2 Hrs) 1:1 unlearn coaching support will be available to each participant during the program.   

** NB ** 
Unlearning old mindsets (beliefs) and behaviors is not something that is easy to do. This is why our blended program has been designed in such a way to be truly meaningful & impactful. 

Program Details

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Short Book: Out of The Maze: Dr Spenser Johnson
Available Now

Session 1 (LIVE) with Stephen Dowling (2)
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Learning vs. Unlearning?
Available Now
What is our current reality?
Available Now
The importance of our mindset?
Available Now
Our biggest limiting factor
Available Now
Creating healthy, adaptive & innovative organisations
Available Now
How do I know I need to unlearn?
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Cycle of Unlearning
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Unlearning Our Mindset
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VIRTUAL LIVE - Support Call 1 with Stephen Dowling
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Session 2 (LIVE) with Stephen Dowling
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How to build and onboard new habits
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WOOP Tool by Gabriele Oettingen
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Unlearning Management & Leadership
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VIRTUAL LIVE Support Call 2 with Stephen Dowling
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Session 3 (LIVE) with Stephen Dowling
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Alan Watts_The False Idea of Who you Are
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Beau Lotto_How we Experience Awe and Why it Matters
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Michael Bungay Stanier_Your Advice Monster
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Location, location, Location - Single black line (Tool)
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Stephen Dowling

Stephen is a passionate educator, sense-maker, problem solver and simplifier. In Australia he is considered to be one of the leading educators in the unlearning, agile, lean and project delivery space.
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 Stephen has over 30 years+ of international business experience and has worked at a senior level with companies such as Baxter Healthcare, Shell, and Thomson-Reuters. 
As a Project Leader, he has successfully led many different types of projects, the largest being a complex upgrade of a US$2bn ERP system across 17 countries in Europe. 

Over the last 10yrs+ Stephen has built a reputation as an exceptional course designer, workplace trainer and facilitator. Stephen is also, a regular speaker at industry events, and is very passionate about keeping himself, at the forefront of the latest thinking.  

Stephen’s current qualifications include: 
·       Scaled Agile Inc. (SPC5) 
·       PMP - Project Management Institute 
·       Agile PM Practitioner 
·       Scrum Master (PSM1) 
·       B. Comm (Hons) 
·       Diplomas in Project Management, Risk Management and Training & Assessment 

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